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G-6-PD class I variant anemia

G-6-PD class II variant anemia

G-6-PD class III variant anemia

G-6-PD variant enzyme deficiency anemia

G6PD - Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Gabapentin adverse reaction

Gabapentin allergy

Gabapentin overdose

Gabapentin poisoning

Galactocele associated with childbirth


Galactorrhea associated with childbirth

Galactorrhea in pregnancy and the puerperium - delivered



Galeazzi fracture dislocation

Galenia africana poisoning

Gall bladder disease

Gallamine adverse reaction

Gallamine allergy

Gallbladder and bile duct calculi

Gallbladder calculus with acute cholecystitis and no obstruction

Gallbladder calculus with acute cholecystitis and obstruction

Gallbladder calculus with other cholecystitis

Gallbladder calculus with other cholecystitis and no obstruction

Gallbladder calculus with other cholecystitis and obstruction

Gallbladder hematoma

Gallbladder injury with open wound into cavity

Gallbladder injury without open wound into cavity

Gallstone acute pancreatitis

Gallstone chronic pancreatitis

Gallstone ileus

Gallstone pancreatitis

Gamma chain defect dysfibrinogenemia

Gamma globulin overdose

Gamma thalassemia

Gamma-aminobutyric acid transaminase deficiency

gamma-Glutamyltransferase deficiency


Ganciclovir adverse reaction

Ganciclovir allergy

Ganglion of ankle

Ganglion of aponeurosis

Ganglion of flexor tendon sheath of finger

Ganglion of foot

Ganglion of hand

Ganglion of joint

Ganglion of knee

Ganglion of superior tibiofibular joint

Ganglion of tendon sheath

Ganglion of wrist

Ganglion of yaws

Ganglion/synovial cyst

Ganglion/synovial cyst - elbow

Ganglion/synovial cyst - hand

Ganglion/synovial cyst - hip

Ganglion/synovial cyst - knee

Ganglion/synovial cyst - multiple joints

Ganglion/synovial cyst - shoulder

Ganglion/synovial cyst - wrist

Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum

Ganglioneuroma of skin


Gangosa of yaws


Gangrene of finger

Gangrene of foot

Gangrene of gallbladder

Gangrene of hand

Gangrene of newborn

Gangrene of scrotum

Gangrene of thumb

Gangrene of toe

Gangrenous balanitis

Gangrenous ergotism

Gangrenous esophagitis

Gangrenous paraesophageal hernia

Gangrenous pharyngitis

Gangrenous pile

Gangrenous pneumonia

Gangrenous postoperative incisional hernia

Gangrenous tonsillitis

Ganjam virus disease

Ganser syndrome

Gapping of tendon

Garbage poisoning

Gardening product causing toxic effect

Gardner's syndrome

Gardnerella vaginitis

Gas bubble disease

Gas gangrene

Gas gangrene caused by clostridium histolyticum

Gas gangrene caused by clostridium perfringens