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  • Gastrointestinal flora: the culprit for severe lung damage after blood transfusion

    Science Daily. - July 11, 2018

    Knowledge that the gastrointestinal flora affects both healthy physiological processes and various disease mechanisms has increased in recent years. A new study reveals a previously unknown link between the bacteria in the gut and acute lung injury after blood transfusions.

  • How Mycobacterium tuberculosis escapes death in macrophages

    Science Daily. - July 10, 2018

    The bacteria that cause the devastating disease tuberculosis have the ability to escape destruction and grow after they are engulfed by lung macrophages, the immune cells that are supposed to destroy pathogens. Now researchers have described key biochemical steps between the bacteria …

  • Drug's impact on amino acid transporter may offer non-small cell lung cancer patients new hope

    Science Daily. - July 10, 2018

    An amino acid transporter named xCT may affect the growth and progression of non-small cell lung cancer, a discovery that may predict the five-year survival rate of patients suffering from this cancer, now at 16 percent, researchers have concluded.

  • How to start a nanomotor

    Science Daily. - July 05, 2018

    Cilia allow sperm to move, form fine protective hairs in the lungs and play a crucial role in the differentiation of organs in embryos. Researchers have now reconstructed the protein complex responsible for transport within cilia, which plays a decisive role in their functioning.

  • Stem cell therapy drug may protect against smoke-related COPD symptoms

    Science Daily. - July 05, 2018

    A drug used in stem cell therapy to treat certain cancers may also protect against cigarette smoke-induced lung injury.

  • Metformin reverses established lung fibrosis

    Science Daily. - July 03, 2018

    Researchers have shown -- for the first time -- that established lung fibrosis can be reversed using a drug treatment that targets cell metabolism. The finding is important because, despite significant advances to reveal the pathological mechanisms of persistent fibrosis, effective tr…

  • Drugs that block structural changes to collagen could prevent lung fibrosis

    Science Daily. - July 03, 2018

    A new study provides the first evidence in humans that altered collagen structure affects tissue stiffness during progression of lung fibrosis, suggesting potential approaches for treating the condition.

  • FDA approves Pulmonx's lung valve to treat emphysema

    Reuters. - June 29, 2018

    (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved Pulmonx Inc's valves to treat a severe form of obstructive lung disease, most often characterized by shortness of breath.

  • U.S. coal industry needs 'fundamental shift' to fight black lung: report

    Reuters. - June 28, 2018

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Coal companies need to make a "fundamental shift" in how they control exposure to coal dust in underground mines to address the recent surge in black lung disease rates, according to a federal report released Thursday.

  • Journey into the lungs of mice infected with influenza

    Science Daily. - June 25, 2018

    A new tool they call FluVision allows researchers to witness influenza infection in a living animal in action, helping them better understand what happens when a virus infects the lungs and the body responds.