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  • UK surgeon admits signing initials on patients' livers

    Associated Press. - December 13, 2017

    LONDON (AP) -- A British surgeon has admitted assaulting two patients by burning his initials into their livers during transplant operations....

  • Liver cancer: Lipid synthesis promotes tumor formation

    Science Daily. - December 11, 2017

    Lipid, also known as fat, is an optimal energy source and an important cell component. Much is required for the rapid and uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. Researchers have now discovered that the protein mTOR stimulates the production of lipids in liver tumors to satisfy the incre…

  • Mechanism identified behind enzyme involved in liver and other human cancers

    Science Daily. - December 07, 2017

    To understand what has gone wrong when cancer occurs and to create new possibilities for treatment, it is important to understand the molecular mechanisms behind what is happening at the cellular level. New research explains how the motor of an enzyme in DNA damage repair is switched …

  • A South American amphibian could potentially hold the key to curing cirrhosis

    Science Daily. - December 06, 2017

    The unique liver function of a South American amphibian, Siphonops annulatus, could pave the way to finding a cure to the devastating liver condition cirrhosis, according to a new study.

  • Galectin slumps after NASH drug misses main goal of mid-stage trial

    Reuters. - December 05, 2017

    (Reuters) - Galectin Therapeutics Inc said its drug for the complex progressive fatty liver disease NASH led to some clinically meaningful results in patients with cirrhosis, but failed to achieve the main goal of a mid-stage trial, sending its shares plunging 48 percent on Tuesday.