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The soil dwelling actinomycete strain Actinomadura parvosata subsp. kistnae is the producer of the antiviral antibiotics kistamicin A and B. Genome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis revealed the presence of the kistamycin biosynthetic gene cluster responsible for the formation of these non-ribosomal peptides as well as an impressive number of yet uncharacterized biosynthetic pathways. This includes polyketide, ribosomal and non-ribosomal peptide and a large number of terpenoid biosynthetic loci encoding yet unknown natural products. The genomic data of this strain is thus a treasure trove for genome mining for novel functional metabolites and new biocatalysts.


Kalina Kusserow, Tobias A M Gulder. Complete Genome Sequence of Actinomadura Parvosata Subsp. Kistnae, A Rich Source of Novel Natural Product (Bio-)Chemistry. Journal of genomics. 2017;5:75-76

PMID: 28698739

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