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The medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the posterior oblique ligament (POL) are the main static valgus restraints of the knee.Most isolated medial injuries can be treated with bracing and early knee motion.Combined MCL and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries can be managed with bracing of the knee followed by a delayed reconstruction of the ACL.Residual medial laxity may be addressed at the time of ACL surgery.Bony avulsions, incarceration of the distal MCL under the meniscus or over the pes anserinus tendons, open injuries, MCL tears combined with PCL or bi-cruciate injuries should be treated surgically.Chronic symptomatic medial instability can be managed with the recently described reconstruction techniques using free tendon grafts located at anatomical insertion sites. Cite this article: Tandogan NR, Kayaalp A. Surgical treatment of medial knee ligament injuries: Current indications and techniques. EFORT Open Rev 2016;2:27-33. DOI: 10.1302/2058-5241.1.000007.


N Reha Tandogan, Asim Kayaalp. Surgical treatment of medial knee ligament injuries: current indications and techniques. EFORT open reviews. 2016 Feb;1(2):27-33

PMID: 28461925

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