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LIM-only protein 2, Lmo2, is a regulatory protein that is essential for hematopoietic development and inappropriate overexpression of Lmo2 in T-cells contributes to T-cell leukemia. It exerts its functions by mediating protein-protein interactions and nucleating multicomponent transcriptional complexes. Lmo2 interacts with LIM domain binding protein 1 (Ldb1) through the tandem LIM domains of Lmo2 and the LIM interaction domain (LID) of Ldb1. Here, we present the solution structure of the LIM2 domain of Lmo2 bound to Ldb1(LID) . The ordered regions of Ldb1 in this complex correspond well with binding hotspots previously defined by mutagenic studies. Comparisons of this Lmo2(LIM2) -Ldb1(LID) structure with previously determined structures of the Lmo2/Ldb1(LID) complexes lead to the conclusion that modular binding of tandem LIM domains in Lmo2 to tandem linear motifs in Ldb1 is accompanied by several disorder-to-order transitions and/or conformational changes in both proteins. Copyright © 2012 The Protein Society.


Siavoush Dastmalchi, Lorna Wilkinson-White, Ann H Kwan, Roland Gamsjaeger, Joel P Mackay, Jacqueline M Matthews. Solution structure of a tethered Lmo2(LIM2) /Ldb1(LID) complex. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society. 2012 Nov;21(11):1768-74

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PMID: 22936624

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