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UV radiation suppresses delayed-type hypersensitivity responses to intradermally injected tuberculin purified protein derivative in Mantoux-positive individuals. The effect of the topically administered isoflavonoid NV-07alpha, a synthetic derivative of the isoflavonoid equol, on UV-induced suppression of Mantoux reactions was assessed in 18 healthy Mantoux-positive volunteers. A single, fixed dose of solar-simulated UV radiation was delivered to the volunteers' lower backs. Different concentrations of NV-07alpha or its vehicle were applied to different sites within the irradiated field immediately after UV exposure and again 24 h later. Forty-eight hours after irradiation, Mantoux testing was performed at both the irradiated sites and adjacent, unirradiated sites. The intensity of Mantoux reactions was measured 72 h later with a reflectance erythema meter and by measuring the diameter of each reaction. Although lower concentrations of NV-07alpha (0.5 and 2 mM) did not prevent UV immunosuppression, 4 mM NV-07alpha partially but significantly attenuated UV-induced suppression of Mantoux-induced erythema. Minimal erythema doses were also determined for sites treated with NV-07alpha or its vehicle immediately after UV exposure. NV-07alpha had no significant effects on UV erythema. We conclude that 4 mM NV-07alpha prevented the suppressive effects of UV radiation on Mantoux responses in humans but did not affect UV-induced erythema at the concentrations used.


Adam C Friedmann, Gary M Halliday, Ross StC Barnetson, Vivienne E Reeve, Catherine Walker, Clare R S Patterson, Diona L Damian. The topical isoflavonoid NV-07alpha reduces solar-simulated UV-induced suppression of Mantoux reactions in humans. Photochemistry and photobiology. 2004 Nov-Dec;80(3):416-21

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PMID: 15623323

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