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To evaluate drug delivery to the lungs of nebulized and metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) in an in vitro infant lung model. An in vitro lung model was modified to study drug delivery. A 1000 mL intravenous bag filled with 500 mL deionized water was attached to a 3.5 mm (12 cm length) endotracheal tube. An inline Marquest Whisper Jet infant circuit nebulizer system delivered 2.5 mg/3 mL albuterol sulfate inhalation solution (Ventolin nebules) at a flow rate of 5 L/min. An Aerochamber (Monaghan) was placed at the endotracheal tube for the delivery of the MDIs. Albuterol MDI (Ventolin) 10 inhalations and beclomethasone MDI (Beclovent) 20 inhalations were delivered. A Servo 900C (Siemens-Elma) was used at the following ventilator settings: positive inspiratory pressure 30 cm H2O), intermittent mandatory ventilation 40 breaths/min, positive end expiratory pressure 4 cm H2O, inspiratory time 0.4 sec. Each formulation was run at least 10 times and assayed in duplicate by HPLC. An unpaired Student's t-test was used to analyze the statistical significance of the data. There was a significantly greater percentage of drug delivery with MDI albuterol (1.96 +/- 0.50) as compared with nebulized albuterol (1.26 +/- 0.37) (p = 0.002) or beclomethasone diproprionate (0.51 +/- 0.24) (p = 0.001). Albuterol MDI provides a more efficient delivery of drug to the lung as compared with nebulized albuterol and MDI beclomethasone diproprionate.


M L Avent, P Gal, J L Ransom, Y L Brown, C J Hansen, W A Ricketts, F Soza. Evaluating the delivery of nebulized and metered-dose inhalers in an in vitro infant ventilator lung model. The Annals of pharmacotherapy. 1999 Feb;33(2):144-8

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PMID: 10084407

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