Products for Academic/Medical researchers and Clinicians

NextBio Clinical and Research products for academic researchers and clinicians enable users at research organizations and those involved in patient care to use complex genomic data in novel ways across the ‘bench to bedside’ spectrum of medical advances. As part of the Enterprise platform, users have access to a large collection of curated public patient clinical and molecular data, experimental models, and real time interpretation and analysis tools. Our products find applications in basic laboratory research, translational research and clinical decision-making to inform diagnostic and therapeutic choices. Read more about the content and technology that support NextBio products in the overview.

NextBio Clinical

NextBio Clinical enables users to apply data analysis and interpretation in novel ways to translational research and clinical applications. Features including an extensive biomarker knowledgebase, customizable patient reports and web-based tools for patient data analysis provide organizations with fundamental translational medicine framework.

Patient Reports

  • Automatically generate clinically actionable Patient Reports.
  • Identify prognostic and predictive biomarkers in a patient’s genome to guide therapeutic choices.
  • Identify the most relevant targeted clinical trials for individual patients.
  • Access up-to-date information from the latest research studies and clinical trials.

Biomarker discovery

  • Mine internal and public patient genomic data to discover biomarkers.
  • Correlate molecular markers with clinical outcomes.
  • Conduct retrospective analysis of patient data to evaluate predictive biomarkers of drug response.

Clinical trial optimization

  • Stratify patients based on genetic profiles to design your clinical trials.
  • Enhance your capacity for adaptive trial design with real-time data integration and analysis.
  • Match targeted clinical trials with patient profiles.

NextBio Research

NextBio Research applications support early-stage and translational discovery to identify mechanisms of disease, drug targets, prognostic or predictive biomarkers. A free version of NextBio Research is available to users at academic, governmental or non-profit institutions. Explore our continually growing library of curated genomic data with easy-to-use, web-based tools that mine and create billions of novel correlations.

Academic and medical researchers interested in more advanced functionality can subscribe to NextBio Research to take advantage of our complete solution for data storage, analysis and integration. Subscribers can upload proprietary data for integrated analysis, seamlessly share data across multiple geographic locations and supplement internal knowledge bases with correlations and signatures derived from public data.

Peer-reviewed publications using NextBio Research have appeared at several conferences and in scientific journals within the past year. Read more about our publications here.

Gene Function Studies

  • Analyze gene function across more than 10,000 genomic studies in major disease areas.
  • Assess gene role across different types of molecular data.
  • Understand gene activity across studies in human, model organisms and cell line models.

Mechanisms of drug and disease

  • Analyze candidate molecules for pharmacokinetic profiles or toxicity indications.
  • Compare disease profiles across cohorts and different stages of disease.
  • Assess pathways playing significant role in disease development across multiple studies and data types.

Cross-species analysis

  • Utilize the cross-species analysis framework to optimize experimental systems to test mechanisms of disease progression or drug response.
  • Compare human data to experimental results from model organisms to derive clinical context.

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