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The NextBio Platform provides the foundation for all NextBio products. At the core of this platform is a robust, fault tolerant, and configurable infrastructure which is designed to support an individual researcher or an organization with tens of thousands of employees in locations around the world. The NextBio Platform also provides a unique ontology-based semantic framework that connects highly heterogeneous data and textual information. The semantic framework is based on gene, tissue, disease and compound ontologies and these are leveraged for all search and discovery actions. Within this framework, information from diverse organisms, platforms, data types and research areas is seamlessly integrated into and correlated within a single searchable environment using proprietary algorithms. The NextBio Platform is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution requiring little or no IT support; allowing clients to get up and running quickly and to gain a rapid return on investment.

Core Platform Services

The NextBio Platform provides a set of core services which are leveraged by the NextBio products. These services include:

  • Search and Discovery Services
  • Text Mining Services
  • Data Upload & Integration Services
  • Communication & Collaboration Services


NextBio's commitment to security is not only reflected in our multi-level, state-of-the-art security infrastructure, but can also be seen in our strictly adhered to internal security policies, and our standard Privacy Policy. The NextBio Platform meets or exceeds the highest levels of information security. Using extensive firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, SSL/TLS-based encryption and proprietary security products, the NextBio Platform ensures that your data and identity are secure. The NextBio Platform provides the following security features:

  • Protection at the Application Level
  • Protection at the Network Level
  • Protection at the Facilities Level

We further recommend that users take these steps to secure their own systems prior to using our service:

  • Use current Web browsers that support strong SSL/TLS encryption, such as Internet Explorer 6.0 and above or FireFox 2.0 and above.
  • Use an anti-virus application with updated definitions.
  • Use up-to-date patches of your computer's operating system and all local applications.

For more information on our security architecture and protocols, please contact us at


NextBio realizes that increased value can be derived from integration with systems, processes and workflow currently being utilized within the research environment. For this reason, the NextBio Platform provides out-of- box integration with the most popular research systems, and delivers an extensive set of APIs enabling organizations to easily import, analyze, and export data. The NextBio Platform provides three key Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) described below.

REST-based Search API - Developers can use this simple REST-based API to build mashups with NextBio or integrate search results within their application.

Auto-complete Widget - The auto-complete search bar is available as a widget enabling users to leverage the power of NextBio's ontology by embedding some simple HTML in their own web pages.

Secure Bulk Import of Data - This API is useful for importing large amounts of data into NextBio in an automated manner.